Happy National Coming Out Day!

National Coming Out Day Graphic

Today is National Coming Out Day! National Coming Out Day was first observed in the US in 1988 and was meant to emphasize the most basic form of advocacy, coming out to family, friends, and colleagues and living as openly queer. However, in recent years the barriers to coming out have been further brought to light and rather than just celebrating those who are out and those coming out, these systemic barriers are being elevated so they can readily be addressed. In our celebration of National Coming Out Day, we celebrate everyone who is, out, coming out, in the process of figuring it out, as well as those who cannot come out for their own safety, to ensure they continue to have access to healthcare, can keep their jobs, can keep their homes, are afraid to lose connection with those they love, and any other reason that keeps those from living their authentic lives.

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Resources for National Coming Out Day: